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About AMP

Asheville Music Professionals

Asheville Music Professionals (AMP) aims to set the standard for good music business practices while acting as a common voice for the Asheville music industry.

Together we can inform the community about the intrinsic worth and economic impact of music in our region. One of our main beliefs as an organization is that music is worth paying for. We also offer our membership educational workshops, fun events and socials all targeted at advancing local music business.

With a focus that extends from touring bands to recording studios, venues to festivals, and gear manufacturers to instrument repair shops, this hard working group of volunteers intends to make a positive impact on the lives of musicians and music lovers like you.

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Who is AMP?

solo session players, bands, street performers, touring bands, composers, conductors



Recording studios, photographers, promoters, festival / event organizers, designers, PR publicity / promotion / marketing, radio stations, managers, booking agents, record labels, record stores, mastering, mixing, engineers, producers, manufacturers, printers, instrument and gear repair, instrument sellers and distributors


Music Businesses

Restaurants, traditional music venues, amphitheaters, outdoor event spaces, special event spaces


Music Venues

E.g.: The Bob Moog Foundation, LEAF Community Arts, Asheville Symphony Orchestra, etc.


Music Organizations

Fans, superfans, donors, sponsors, volunteers, benefactors, partners, crowd supporters, grant writers, advisors, Gary. Businesses that use music in film, advertising, commercials. Anyone who wants to give time, money, or any other support to the organization but does not fit in the above categories


Music Friends

Want to Get Involved?

Join a committee and volunteer time and ideas. Email us at


The goal of this committee is:

  • to represent and provide a voice for all stakeholders in the local music community
  • to position the Asheville music industry as a trusted and valued resource to civic and governmental entities in Western North Carolina


The committee’s four areas of focus are craft, business, production, and software. It intends to elevate our music community by providing resources for everyone to sharpen existing skills and to learn new ones. More tools in the tool box.

The group plans to set the standards for good business practices for those hiring and being hired to do work in the music field. (e.g.: musicians, engineers, stage managers hired at venues, festivals, restaurants, fundraisers). It will serve as a common voice for the music community.

Connection & Collaboration

This committee:

  • works to build a network of informed and empowered artists
  • connects musicians with people providing services to musicians as well as those hiring musicians
  • creates opportunities for music lovers to discover local music
  • works to strengthen the local music community as a whole (e.g.: events, socials, festivals,conferences)
  • support endeavors to achieve shared goals